The Shocking Case of the Cougar and her Toyboy – Ivone FitzGerald

The Shocking Case of the Cougar and her Toyboy.


From Beyond The Bailey: referring to the last burning at Tyburn in Anno Domini 1726.


“Well, I met a slim woman in her thirties – remarkably well preserved for her age.  She’d met me once a month, then things warmed up and we started going steady.  It was wonderful having a lass – my first one!  After a while she let me know how put upon she was – beaten by her husband – not seeing a penny of his money.  I was absolutely furious at her plight.  So I got Tom, my mate and we both said to Kat that we’d take care of Johnny.


“So Tom got Johnny drunk, playing mates wi’ him, and I chopped J’s nugget fair an’ square in the back.  Just then Kat said we must get rid of the head and away wi’ it.  So Tom Wood’s sliced thro the neck, – faugh – so much blood everywhere! – and the head went into the river Thames, and the bod into a casket.


“But – at the trial – Kat was in fact me mam – How I hate her for creating – and ruining my life!

Ivone FitzGerald- April 2013

Read the original trial of Catherine Hayes here:

Copyright Ivone FitzGerald April 2013


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